Our Approach

In the days of Rome, churches would meet in houses or catacombs to hide from oppression under the Jewish authorities or, later, the Roman authorities. This tradition of meeting together in person is good and right, and we encourage all to find for themselves a community of true believers to commune with.

However, there are times and circumstances that may prevent such gatherings. For many, it is difficult to find a congregation of true believers, as many in America (in particular) are held captive by heretical teachings and disciplines that we have come to call “Churchian.” It is for this reason that we have created this church.


As time goes on, we hope to begin creating live, interactive church services for all those who attend here. At that time, we will post information here.

For the moment, as we are new and getting our process rolling, we encourage those who cannot meet together with the brotherhood of believers to spend time in the Word, sing hymns and spiritual songs, fast, and pray. At the same time, we are working on establishing a video service to allow us to provide sermons, at the least.

Serving as Christ Served Us

James the Brother of Jesus wrote that “faith without works is dead.” As such, we strive not only to believe His Word but do good works. God does love a cheerful giver.

There are many ways this is to be accomplished.

Service Challenges

Each week, we will post a simple challenge for each member. As our faith is, to a great degree, between us and God, we do not demand that anyone do such things, but we do strongly encourage you to find a way to accomplish these challenges in secret, so that your reward be not from men but God.

If it seems good to you to gather and perform these challenges as a group, thanks be to God. We seek to provide challenges that are scalable, so that many can participate together or one may participate alone.

Charitable Giving

We encourage you to lay aside a tenth of your income for the Lord. If it seems good to you to give it to us to manage, we are grateful for every penny that helps us do our work.

However, God seeks not that we become fat off your offerings, but that they do good. We will seek out and provide charities that appear of good repute, and we encourage you to both give to such charities and inform us of others that you find do real good.

Charitable Service

Time is money, as they say. While your money does reflect the work you do for a living, it is also good to directly do good works.

We encourage you to help us find communities that provide service opportunities for the brethren, so that we may do good deeds that God has prepared for us to do. Furthermore, we encourage you to help us put together such communities, so that we may do good deeds even without convenient scheduling and prompting.

Bible Study

We will seek to provide materials for leading yourself through studying Scripture, and we hope to develop a streamlined process to allow for online Bible Study groups to form.

As fits our mandate as an online church, we will primarily seek to provide all this online, through regular posts and newsletters. However, if you find a group that can meet in person, this is a great thing. For where we gather in Christ’s name, there He is among us.


  • We are establishing a Sunday schedule for a standard Bible Study post. When it is not possible for us to publish a post, we will endeavor to at least post an expected date for the next one.
  • Sign up for the Bible Study newsletters to be informed about each new update and receive a brief summary of the content.


We are in this world, but not of it. Nevertheless, we are in this world, and as such it behooves us to make it as good as we can.

We seek to create communities not only online, but in cities and counties. Even if there is but one righteous man, let him do all he can to improve his city and those around him. Our example is Christ Himself, who washed the feet of his disciples (a disgusting job – go to a third world town and you’ll appreciate why) and commanded his disciples to serve in the same way.

As President Trump has said, we must work to Make America Great Again. We shall do this not only for our brethren, but for those who are not yet among the saints but live among us.

Open Source Church (ish)

This is not the work of one man. We need all the help we can get, from every brother who is so called.

We encourage you to contact us with any ideas or ways you can contribute. Together as brothers, we can become the Church in deed as well as name.