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GDLC is a Missouri Synod Lutheran church (LCMS). I attended there all throughout my childhood.


In my youth, Pastor Kieschnick was an amazing pastor. He was an amazing teacher, but he lacked a bit in discernment. However, under his leadership the church grew tremendously.

The current pastors I'm not entirely familiar with, but talking with my parents I am convinced they're wise men worthy of the robes they wear. Their sermons are scripturally based and reliable.

Service Type

The 8:00 am service is my personal favorite. It's a classic liturgy with traditional hymns and a kneeling communion.

The later service is more contemporary, so I never attended them, but they've had consistently excellent musicians. And, as I've said, the sermons are solid.

Bible Study

Several of the adult bible study leaders have gone through the Bethel teacher's course (highly recommended), so they really know their stuff.

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with all God's people. Amen.


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