Update: Why the Delays?

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I’ve been quite lax on updating the site, but I’ve got excuses. Not great excuses, but excuses. I’ve recently become a teacher at a technical school. Between technical issues, course planning, and teaching, I’ve let myself get swamped. Add to that my independent contracting, and it’s just been hard to keep up. In the new […]

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Quarterly Update

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Here we are at three months. Three months ago today, February 1 of 2017, I started building this site. And what an interesting time it’s been. I’m writing this a few days early, and according to my site statistics we’re right at 4k page views for all posts, etc. Honestly, that’s not bad. It took […]

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Site Feedback

While we get this whole thing up and running, I’m creating an open thread for all feedback you can think to provide. Lay Minister BeisertI have been a false Christian and a pagan, but now I seek to serve the Lord. http://robert-beisert.com

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