A Simple Summary of Christian Orthodoxy

First Online Church of America EdNooblogo-e1517283571780 A Simple Summary of Christian Orthodoxy Philosophy Theology  Wickedness Sin Orthopraxy Orthodoxy Men Love Law and Gospel Justice Jesus Holy Spirit Grace Church Christian

How do we summarize the whole of the Law and the Prophets? Christ answered that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and that the second is to love your neighbor as yourself. We’ve come up with a pithier, sillier summary that I hope […]

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Atheist Dialogue on Morality

First Online Church of America image_1382994.png Atheist Dialogue on Morality Miscellaneous Philosophy  Social Good Police State Pascal's Wager Nature red in tooth and claw Morality Moral Good Government Fallibility Dialogue Atheism

I’ve been performing a minor thought experiment wherein an Atheist character embraces the “mass delusion” of religion for pragmatic reasons. The following is a dialogue I’ve been fiddling with between this character – Atheomoros – and two of his atheist friends regarding shared morality and its value to society. In particular, he favors the Christian moral code and attempts to make a case for adopting it whether you believe in Christ or not.

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Deliberately Causing Brethren to Stumble

First Online Church of America Snake_oil_Sapa Deliberately Causing Brethren to Stumble Orthopraxy Theology  Witchcraft Wickedness Sin Paganism Orthopraxy Orthodoxy False teachings False teachers Faith Christian Mysticism Bible Study Apostate

Romans Chapter 14 speaks a great deal about the lengths to which we ought to go to protect our brethren from stumbling and being shaken in faith. This echoes Jesus’ condemnation, when he says, “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone […]

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This Week’s Hymn: I am the Bread of Life

First Online Church of America Bread_of_Life This Week's Hymn: I am the Bread of Life Service Theology  Worship Martha Lazarus John 6 John 11 Hymn Confession Bread of Life

I know few hymns that can compare to this one in Scriptural accuracy and concentration of the Gospel. If you’ve not heard it, this hymn takes many of the promises of Christ and sets them to powerful music. The first few verses come from John 6, after he has fed the multitudes and is explaining […]

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On 21 Theses of Alt-Christianity

First Online Church of America 3229259768_69398e8b4c_o-e1486200711346 On 21 Theses of Alt-Christianity Miscellaneous Philosophy  Return of Kings Orthopraxy Men Christian men Christian Faith Christian Doctrine Alt-Christianity

Damian Michael posted an interesting 21 Theses for Alt Christianity at Return of Kings today. I wanted to take a closer look at these points and see how they measure up. All pictures are quoted from the original source.   1. Both theologically and morally, Alt-Christianity is traditionalist and right-leaning.┬áIt is also more focused on […]

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Musing on Sola Scriptura

First Online Church of America 4487675508_56a45f25cb_o Musing on Sola Scriptura Bible Study Philosophy Theology  Sola Scriptura Scripture Prophecy Five Solae Bible Study Apologetics

As a Christian born in the heritage of the Protestant tradition, I was raised under the teaching of the Five Solae: Sola Scriptura – “Scripture Alone” Sola Christus – “Christ Alone” Sola Fide – “Faith Alone” Sola Gratia – “Grace Alone” Soli Deo Gloria – “For God’s Glory Alone” Of these, Sola Scriptura is a […]

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Churchianism, and Why We Oppose It

First Online Church of America 2323426046_40d27e3672_o Churchianism, and Why We Oppose It Philosophy Theology  Orthopraxy Orthodoxy Heresy False Gospel False Christ Churchian Church Leadership Church Christian Mysticism Christian Faith Christian Brotherhood in Christ Brethren Authority Apostate

The term “Churchian” is often employed to mean those who take on the name and appearance of Christian but are not believers in truth. We must look at the errors of Churchianity and how it differs from the true faith.

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