Update: Why the Delays?

First Online Church of America past-due-taxes.fw_ Update: Why the Delays? Miscellaneous Sitemaster Comments  Delays

I’ve been quite lax on updating the site, but I’ve got excuses. Not great excuses, but excuses. I’ve recently become a teacher at a technical school. Between technical issues, course planning, and teaching, I’ve let myself get swamped. Add to that my independent contracting, and it’s just been hard to keep up. In the new […]

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Atheist Dialogue on Morality

First Online Church of America image_1382994.png Atheist Dialogue on Morality Miscellaneous Philosophy  Social Good Police State Pascal's Wager Nature red in tooth and claw Morality Moral Good Government Fallibility Dialogue Atheism

I’ve been performing a minor thought experiment wherein an Atheist character embraces the “mass delusion” of religion for pragmatic reasons. The following is a dialogue I’ve been fiddling with between this character – Atheomoros – and two of his atheist friends regarding shared morality and its value to society. In particular, he favors the Christian moral code and attempts to make a case for adopting it whether you believe in Christ or not.

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Ideas for Unconventional Church

First Online Church of America 14741362264_77599e68f1_k Ideas for Unconventional Church Miscellaneous Service  Men masculinity fun church services Church being the church

When I say the word “church,” just about everyone is going to think about a building or a particular congregation that attends the sermons held in a particular building. We’ve done exactly what Paul warned against – we’ve become the “church of Apollo” and the “church of Paul” and the “First Baptist Church of Somewhere, […]

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On 21 Theses of Alt-Christianity

First Online Church of America 3229259768_69398e8b4c_o-e1486200711346 On 21 Theses of Alt-Christianity Miscellaneous Philosophy  Return of Kings Orthopraxy Men Christian men Christian Faith Christian Doctrine Alt-Christianity

Damian Michael posted an interesting 21 Theses for Alt Christianity at Return of Kings today. I wanted to take a closer look at these points and see how they measure up. All pictures are quoted from the original source.   1. Both theologically and morally, Alt-Christianity is traditionalist and right-leaning. It is also more focused on […]

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Musing: Does Catholicism breed Atheism?

First Online Church of America prodigal_son Musing: Does Catholicism breed Atheism? Miscellaneous

Just yesterday, I reached an interesting point in my unofficial tally of atheists I know in one way or another. Of all those former Christians I know who have become atheist, 300 were raised Catholic and only 3 were raised in some Protestant denomination (as yet, I know no Orthodox who have become Atheist). This […]

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Via Dalrock – “A God We Must Obey”

First Online Church of America Dalrock_Header Via Dalrock - "A God We Must Obey" Miscellaneous  Read More Goddess Worship Feminism Dalrock

Odds are good you’ve seen this sort of thing in the church before. Goddess worship is anything but dead. This teaching is just one variant of the modern message that women need to worship themselves and their feelings.  The highest virtue for women today is not to do their duty and honor their obligations, but […]

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Strange Bedfellows – Defending Milo Yiannopoulos

First Online Church of America 920x920 Strange Bedfellows - Defending Milo Yiannopoulos Miscellaneous  Slander Reagan Battalion Persecution Milo Yiannopoulos Milo Media Assault False Witness

What a strange thing it is that I, a Christian who upholds the Scripture’s declaration that homosexuality is a sin, find myself needing to defend a blatant homosexual. And yet, in the wake of the many scandals surrounding former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopolous, I find just that. For those who are unaware, sorry to ruin […]

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