Quarterly Update

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Here we are at three months. Three months ago today, February 1 of 2017, I started building this site. And what an interesting time it’s been.

I’m writing this a few days early, and according to my site statistics we’re right at 4k page views for all posts, etc. Honestly, that’s not bad. It took me close to a year to get that kind of volume on my programming site, and I was writing about some significant topics every day!

Here are some numbers:

Posts: 20

Bible Studies: 9 (Romans 10 soon)

Forum posts: 3

Newsletter subscribers: 0 (1 unconfirmed by a buddy, but 0 active)

This Quarter

Anyone who reads with any kind of regularity would notice that I haven’t exactly posted every week. I’m working on it – this is my site, and this is an act of worship. God give me the focus and dedication I had in my youth!

I’m working on setting up some sound equipment so I can record audio. I have yet to decide whether I’ll be narrating posts, or adding to them significantly, or even creating entirely new content like sermons. These should be posted via SoundCloud and possibly YouTube, so once that’s up feel free to check it out.

I was also experimenting with security on this system. After locking myself while traveling, I’ve realized how much more I need to experiment with this. Please bear with me, and drop me an email if you run into difficulties.

After we finish covering the book of Romans, I’m trying to decide which book to study next. My gut says it’ll be another of the stand-alone letters of Paul, but I am also leaning toward the letters to Timothy.

How You Can Help

Of course, if you know anyone you think would profit from anything on the site, please direct them here. I’d also appreciate it if you check in at least every Sunday – more views encourages more content, and anything you come back to inspires me to produce more content of that type.

I’m also always looking for feedback and interaction. Set up a quick Disqus account to comment on posts (it just takes a username, email, and password – quick setup, great commenting engine), log in to work with the forum, email me, and let me know what you would like to see and how I can help improve your experience using this site.


The love of God dwell in you all richly.

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I have been a false Christian and a pagan, but now I seek to serve the Lord.