Strange Bedfellows – Defending Milo Yiannopoulos

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What a strange thing it is that I, a Christian who upholds the Scripture’s declaration that homosexuality is a sin, find myself needing to defend a blatant homosexual. And yet, in the wake of the many scandals surrounding former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopolous, I find just that.

For those who are unaware, sorry to ruin your blissful ignorance. Milo Yiannopolous is an outspoken homosexual British man who has appeared on numerous television shows, written and edited for Breitbart, and hosted a national tour known as the “Dangerous Faggot Tour.” This last bit – the tour – has him visiting college campuses and delivering honest messages in the face of angry leftist vitriol.

But he’s done more than that. Milo has spoken openly in defense of men and opposition to feminism, exposed pedophiles who are chummy with the upper echelons of media, and broken the secrecy of the GameJournoPros, a collection of gaming media figures conspiring on news pieces and message.

“But He’s Gay”

Yes, he is, and homosexuality is a sin. This is mentioned in Leviticus and in Romans, in one Testament and another, so the Scripture is clear. It is sin, and those who commit this sin suffer punishment in the flesh. But it is no more sin than adultery, of which all of us are guilty in one way or another, and of which we are called to repent.

There is another sin that is at work in the story to come, though, and that is this: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

So the basic story is this: a left-wing organization masquerading as a Conservative one (the “Reagan Battalion”) edited some videos in which Milo was talking about consent and homosexuals. From their edits, it sounds like he’s saying that it’s normal and right for homosexual men to prey on young boys. In reality, they edited audio from two different conversations – one on positive consent laws, and one on homosexual men of various ages.

In the positive consent video, he’s talking about the affirmative consent nonsense floating around campuses today. Under that system, if two adults have sex and one partner (the female, usually) fails to say, “Yes, I consent to this particular sexual activity and grant you permission to…” (exaggerated only slightly), it’s rape. It’s hard to find anyone who has ever received that kind consent going back millennia, and it’s absolutely ridiculous to expand the definition of rape so far. That’s what Milo was saying.

On the other hand, homosexuals are deviants. It is not uncommon for legally underage boys (who have reached full sexual maturity, and thus should be considered able to give consent in my opinion) to proposition older men, and it is not uncommon for those older men to take them up on that. At the same time, there are pedophiles who prey on children. As near as I can tell, Milo has spoken openly about the former and called out and rebuked the latter. In the video about homosexual behavior, there’s a degree to which he’s justifying being inducted into homosexuality at a young age by an older man (I’ve heard a priest, but I’ll not say that definitively). But to a larger degree, he’s talking about homosexual younger men (not necessarily underage, but younger) seeking comfort and support from older homosexual men.

It’s deviant, but he’s got the inside scoop on their deviancy. And, because he is himself deviant and probably abused, he’s got a twisted perspective on how okay it is.

The Attack on Milo

CPAC invited Milo to speak at their convention a few days ago. Then, this group calling themselves the Reagan Battalion posted their edited videos and, almost simultaneously, the media came down hard on Milo. Given how slow the media is to pick up and work on real stories, it’s hard to believe this was anything but planned, and we have seen in the past through events like GamerGate and coordinated assaults on various bloggers and internet personalities that they do coordinate. Moreover, the CNN anchor breaking the Milo story was none other than Jake Tapper, well known collaborator with the DNC and other left-wing organizations.

After a few short and painful days, Milo’s book deal has been cancelled, CPAC has disinvited him, and he’s been pressured to resign from his position at Breitbart. There’s no sign that the coordinated assault is going to let up, either – they’ve been going after him ever since he broke GameJournoPros, and they’ve been foaming at the mouth since he exposed “Sarah Butts” (Nicholas Nyberg) as an active pedophile. Incidentally, Reagan Battalion has recently favorably retweeted some of Nyberg’s comments regarding Milo – hypocritical of them, no?

In addition, the attack is coming from some strange people. The National Review and Salon, who have openly defended pedophilia, are far in front of the charge, though at least Salon had the decency/cowardice to remove their pro-pedophilia pieces shortly after publishing their first hit piece on Milo.

A Lesson in Persecution

This is hardly the first coordinated persecution attack we’ve seen in recent years. A blogger by the name of Roosh Valizadeh (RooshV) was trying to organize friendly meetups for his blog readership when the media claimed he was a rapist who writes pieces on how to rape women. PewDiePie, a YouTube celebrity, is currently being targeted as a Neo-Nazi on the basis of a few videos he himself found in bad taste and removed. Author Vox Day was removed from the Science Fiction Writer’s Association a few years ago and is still slandered routinely, none of which has any legal merit. Author and lawyer Mike Cernovich has weathered similar storms over the past two years.

And, lest we forget, almost everything they say about President Donald J. Trump is slander and libel.

This is a common thing these days. If you don’t have a following, individual ideologues will try to shut you down and shut you up. If you have a reasonable following, they share your personal information and encourage rabid ideologues to threaten you. And, if you have a large following, coordinated media assaults are virtually guaranteed. (Of course, if you have a small following and you have information that could lead to Hillary Clinton’s arrest, you may just commit suicide with five rounds in the back).

Look at their fruits and know them. These people, who make up lies to stir up dissent among brethren, who rush to shed innocent blood, and who bear false witness do all the things the Lord hates (Proverbs 6:16-19). They are Satan’s children, and we know that Satan despises our Lord.

Christians have always been on the chopping block. Be wary, for we do not know when or where our great enemy will attempt to destroy us. But at least we may take heart, for these trials are the worst we shall experience, and all men will be judged according to their deeds on the last day.

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I have been a false Christian and a pagan, but now I seek to serve the Lord.